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Bare Root 

All orders must be paid for at time of order to secure your choices.

orders can be picked up in Cormac, Ontario or delivered to Eganville for an additional $10. 

Wolf River Apple 

Zone 3

Wolf River apple tree bears fruit up to 20cm (8 inches) in diameter, although the average size is 11cm (4 inches). The average weight of this fruit is around 300g, however it is common to find apples weighting up to 450 g (1 lb). The apple is quite sweet with just a hint of tartness, sometimes more tart depending on when it is harvested. The fruit will become sweeter if you leave it longer on the tree when the weather becomes cold. It is ready for harvest in early-October, but can be kept on the tree one month and used whenever you need it.

Vista Bella Apple

Zone 3

This Heirloom Variety has been grown since 1950’s. An early apple which ripens in mid August, this tree
is vigorous, upright and bears terminally. The fruit has a red blush over a yellow-green background. Flesh
is creamy white, firm and very tasty. Great for pies and sauce.

Ida Red Apple

Zone 3

Large, bright red apple. Skin is smooth and waxy. Excellent for cooking, sauce, pies and fresh eating.
Stores well with complexity developing during storage. Heavy annual bearer. Bears young and consistently. If you need one, cold-hardy tree, this is an excellent choice. Early late season ripening.

Pear Flemish Beauty

Zone 3

The attractive large, rounded fruit has creamy-yellow skin blushed red along with firm, creamy-white
flavourful flesh. Good for home gardeners in cold areas. Partially self-fertile; another pear tree nearby is
recommended to insure cross-pollination. Tree grows to 3.7 m (12′) with a 3.7-m spread.

Peach Harrow Beauty

Zone 4/5

Harrow Beauty is a cold hardy tree that produces bright red and yellow
fruit, ripening in mid September; its flesh is yellow with red around the pit and has excellent flavour.
Good for fresh eating, canning or preserves.

Plum Italian

Zone 4

this standby European blue plum produces medium sized fruit good for eating or canning. In the spring, the tree develops lovely clusters of white flowers. The tree is short, stout and hardy in cold climates.

Bush Elderberry

Zone 3 and up

Elderberry, (Sambucus) is a large bush or shrub that is native to the
U.S. and Europe. The bush abundantly produces bluish-black fruit in bunches that are used in wines, juices, jellies, and jams and can grow up to up to 12'x6', they are fast growing as well and can be grown in
Zone 3 and up. You need 2 to allow for cross pollination. They like almost any soil they just do not tolerate drought.
Birds love them too!

Strawberry Seascape

Zone 3/4

Seascape, Fragaria ananassa stands out from other day-neutral or perennial
strawberries because of its conical, deep red fruit that bears from summer to fall. Strawberry lovers who want to harvest delicious, sweet berries more than once will opt for perennial or day-neutral varieties. Seascape, released by the University of California in 1992, is a great choice for day-neutral strawberries.

Aparagus Eclipse

Zone 4

Eclipse is a green asparagus hybrid, released from the world-leading
asparagus breeding program at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. This male dominant cultivar is
an improvement on Millennium with increased spear diameter and improved precocity (reaching maturity
earlier) means better yields and faster returns. Has great potential to be used for white spear production as

Spartan Apple

Zone 3

Spartan apples are late season, fruit ripens in October, very cold hardy apples that are delicious fresh,
cooked, or juiced. It bears lots of crimson-maroon apples that are crunchy and sweet and easy to grow,
with good storage potential. Cold Hardy Apples:

Liberty Apple

Zone 4

This apple is completely scab and blight resistant, which bears a tasty dark red fruit with crisp, juicy tangy slightly sweet taste. The tree is strong, vigorous and annually productive. Liberty is considered a
promising new (1970’s) cultivar for home gardeners and organic growers. Liberty can be stored until

Tolman Sweet Apple

Zone 3

This is the best winter apple, valuable for baking and a desert apple. A vigorous grower, this tree is very
productive and very hardy. The fruit has a yellow skin with a reddish cheek and a line from stem to calyx.
The flesh is fine-grained with a rich sweet flavour. Ripens in October and keeps until March!

Lobo Apple

Zone 3

Lobo is very similar to Macintosh but ripens slightly earlier and is much hardier to cold weather anddrought. The fruit has a crisp white slightly tart taste. The flesh cooks quickly. Lobo is a goodmultipurpose apple. This spur type tree forms fruit early and in great quantity. Stores for up to 3months.

Pear Clapp's Favourite 

Zone 4/5

This pear is vigorous, bears early and regularly. It does well on heavy soil and is very cold weather hardy.
The fruit is large, has a reddish hue and is of good eating quality.

Cherry Montmorency 

Zone 4

The only cherries that can be grown reliably in USDA zone 4 are the sour varieties. Sour cherries are
hardy to -30 degrees, though a few varieties may be able to withstand colder temperatures when they
are fully dormant. Morello & Montmorency are two of the most widely planted sour cherries in zones 4 and up.  Excellent in pies, jam, jelly or fresh eating.

Plum Underwood

Zone 4

Underwood is a hybrid fast-growing clingstone plum which is cold tolerant. The tree is extremely vigorous. Fruit is reddish-purple with a sweet yellow flesh. This plum is suitable for eating fresh or using in preserves.

Blueberry Patriot

Zone 3

Patriot was selected for home gardeners who desire a cold-hardy variety that bears consistent
crops. It is adaptable to many soil types and may perform better in wetter soils than many other varieties. Can grow in containers.

Raspberry Joan J Everbearing

Zone 3

Rubus idaeus An award winning fall-fruiting, upright, self-fruitful, thornless shrub which produces a heavy crop of pinkish-red berries over a long fruiting season that starts in late summer and continues until the first sharp frosts. Clusters of white, rose-like flowers give way to glossy, very large, conical-shaped, firm raspberries of excellent flavor. They are great for freezing or fresh eating. ‘Joan J’ is sturdy and self-supporting, and is resistant to most problem insects. Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society. Grows up to 4-6 ft. tall (120-180 cm) and 2 ft. wide (60 cm). A full sun to part shade lover, this plant is best grown organically.

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